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Fillings (White/Silver)

White fillings are made of glass particles in an acrylic matrix and are extremely life like. They have improved significantly over the years and are today as hard to wear and tear as the older metal fillings. Metal fillings are very safe and have been used for a hundred years. They have a higher content of silver, stanium and copper today, and less mercury. If you have old metal fillings (amalgams) that do not give any trouble, our advice is to [...]


Exam, Scale & Polish

Once a year, a scale and polish is recommended. Plaque can usually be removed by brushing, but if it is left long term in certain areas the minerals in your saliva can harden it to form tartar, or calculus, which cannot be removed with the tooth brush. A scale and polish with ultrasound is a gentle and painless way of cleaning it off. We also remove stains from coffee or smoking with a Prophyjet, which is a gentle blast of air [...]


Exam Check Up

We recommend you have a dental check up once a year. If you are employed in Ireland, you may be entitled to a free exam. Please call us with your PPS number and we will check if you qualify for your free yearly check up. Medical card holders are entitled to a FREE exam yearly. Book Now