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Quinsboro Dental Surgery Bray – a family friendly Dentist in Bray

For so many years going to the dentist was associated with fear, pain and an overall horrible experience. Today it has changed significantly. At Quinsboro Dental Surgery we go the extra mile to ensure that you forget any previous experience and relax in a friendly painfree surrounding.

“We listen to our patients. We explain what we are doing and take it slowly and easy. We know some dental procedures can be uncomfortable, but we will do our best to make sure you are at ease whilst we work away to restore your healthy confident smile”
So if Bray is a convenient location for you, we are a great choice as a convenient Bray dental clinic. We are located opposite Bray Post Office and there is lots of parking around, including a Public Car Park around the corner. There is always room in the Car Park – and cost is €1 per hour. If you are spending more time in Bray, then you can avail of the €3 per day rate in the Bray Wanderer’s Grounds – about a 5 minute walk from the practice. We are also very close to Bray Dart Station – again about a 5 minute walk.

Quinsboro Dental Surgery Bray has been in existence for 10 years, but has recently come into our new ownership. We have a team of 3 Dentists and 2 Dental Nurses. Bray is wonderful place to be based; we are committed to offering a great service to our community, and welcome any suggestions that you may have.

The practice entrance is on the RIGHT HAND side of the main house – through the arch on the right.

Read some of our Patient Reviews and check out our Treatments and Pricing Take note also for our opening hours: we are open on Saturdays from 9.00am until 2.00pm and until 6.30pm on Thursdays

Dr. Cecilia Galli