Exam Checkup

We recommend you have a dental check up once a year. If you are employed in Ireland, you may be entitled to a free exam. Please call us with your PPS number and we will check if you qualify for your free yearly check up.

Scale & Polish

Once a year, a scale and polish is recommended. Plaque can usually be removed by brushing, but if it is left long term in certain areas the minerals in your saliva can harden it to form tartar, or calculus, which cannot be removed with the tooth brush. A scale and polish with ultrasound is a gentle and painless way of cleaning it off. We also remove stains from coffee or smoking with a Prophyjet, which is a gentle blast of air with bicarbonate particles. Gets them pearly white!

Child Exam

We are child friendly! It is very important that children attend the dentist as soon as they get their first teeth. We love children and we’ll make sure that their visit is fun and anxiety-free.


We are trained in the state of art BICON implant placement. These are American implants and are short and small, to make them much safer to place. If you wish to replace a tooth with an implant you will need to attend for a full consultation and radiological study. Please ask all questions you wish as it is important you collaborate with us to make your treatment successful and long lasting.

Fillings (White/Silver)

White fillings are made of glass particles in an acrylic matrix and are extremely life like. They have improved significantly over the years and are today as hard to wear and tear as the older metal fillings. Metal fillings are very safe and have been used for a hundred years. They have a higher content of silver, stanium and copper today, and less mercury. If you have old metal fillings (amalgams) that do not give any trouble, our advice is to leave them alone. Metal fillings are still the best option in some cases.


Sometimes it is necessary to crown a tooth to reinforce it after fracture, root canal treatment or to stop it from crumbling due to decay.

Our crowns are made of zirconia or porcelain and look almost exactly like your own teeth, but are very strong at the same time.

Root Canal Treatments

If decay has reached the inside of a tooth (where the nerve and blood vessels are) or if you have knocked a tooth, you may need root canal treatment. This consists of removing the infected or dead nerve and soft tissue, and cleaning and filling the tooth down to the root tip or apex.
It is a painless procedure once the area has been numbed with local anesthetic, so please do not be nervous. At Quinsboro Dental we will explain the procedure to you and help you relax whilst the treatment is carried out using the latest technology.


A bridge is a series of two or more crowns to replace a missing tooth. Bridges are very lifelike and last many years. They are not removed by the patient.


We work with state of the art laboratories to insure your dentures are comfortable, well fitting and aesthetic.

Whitenings Home Kit

We will make you special trays so you can whiten your teeth at home in a safe and controlled manner.

Extractions and Surgical Extractions

Unfortunately sometimes teeth need to be removed. It is a totally painless procedure once the local anaesthetic has numbed the area. Be sure to have a good breakfast or lunch, as you will be numb for two or three hours afterwards.

Sometimes extractions may be complicated or surgical. This means that soft tissues and sometimes bone may need to be removed in order to extract the tooth, due to its position, shape or the fact that the crown is fractured. We will look after you and give you all the relative advice to help you recover speedily, so do not be nervous!